This exciting hunt is limited to just four clients per location and only 18 per year. We utilize our North Knife Lake Lodge and a number of our outpost camps situated on smaller lakes nearby. Mornings and evenings are generally spent at old burns, river mouths or open swamps, doing your best imitation of an amorous lady moose or one of her cantankerous suitors.

The heart stopping response of 1000+ pounds of aggravated bull charging through the brush is sure to give you the worst case of "buck fever" you've ever had. Should you need a break from the thrill of the hunt there is plenty of fishing to do in the afternoons. You can fish for trophy Lake Trout, Walleye and Northern Pike, all the while on the lookout for sign and additional "calling" sites.

This is an unforgettable wilderness adventure of hunting, fishing, delicious shore lunches and campfire tales.

  • What to Bring
  • Hunt Schedule
  • Taxidermy Services
  • Camo, water proof outer shell jacket
  • Camo, water proof pants
  • Camo, medium heavy fleece or wool insulated jacket
  • Medium fleece or wool sweater/sweatshirt
  • 2 Pairs of pants (1 insulated pair, preferably camo)
  • 3 shirts (long sleeve/short sleeve)
  • 6 pairs of socks (wool/insulated)
  • 1 pair insulated underwear
  • 6 pairs of underwear
  • 1 pair of insulated knee high rubber boots
  • 1 pair Gortex or waterproof hiking boots (back up)
  • 1 pair of slippers for lodge wear
  • 2 pairs of gloves (1 waterproof, 1 insulated)
  • 1 winter hat, 1 blaze orange beaked hat
  • 1 blaze orange vest
  • 1 medium day pack (great for carrying extra gear)
  • Polarized shooting glasses
  • Good set of binoculars/rangefinder
  • Compass/GPS (for resident hunters)
  • Tall shooting sticks (optional)
  • Digital camera (extra batteries if needed)
  • Flashlight (extra batteries if needed)
  • 1 knife
  • Water bottle
  • 1 summer weight sleeping bag (to be packed inside one of your duffles)
  • Personal Items: toiletries, bath towel, soap, toothbrush & toothpaste, razor & shaving cream, personal health medication, sunscreen and bug repellent.
  Arrive in Winnipeg, overnight 
  Travel to Thompson, overnight 
  1st day of hunt - Picked up at hotel and taken to the lodge
  Last day of hunt - Leave lodge for Thompson, overnight
  Arrive in Winnipeg

We use and recommend Mr. Fish Taxidermy for our taxidermy needs:

  • 204-755-3474